TEA Blooming Black & Green, Pack of 12 by Maya Luxurious

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Watch It Bloom Before Your Eyes: Unlike black and green tea bags, our “unbagged” pods are made of exclusive green mu dan tea, respectively black tea, whose dried leaves unfurl like a flower when you place them in water.

Get an Antioxidant Blast: Choose either a blooming black or a blooming green tea for a bust with powerful antioxidants, which have been shown to protect cells from damage and potentially slow the aging process.

Lovingly Handmade: With a delicate flavor and meticulously made by hand, your blooming pods are sourced from high-quality tea grown in the Anhui province, a preferred tea-growing region in China.

Weight Loss on Your Mind? With no added sugar, sweeteners, colors or preservatives, our gluten free, vegan, pure green tea or intense black tea can be a healthy choice to stay hydrated and energized.
Show Someone How Special They Are: Know a tea lover? Ideal for any occasion, this tastefully packaged set of blooming Chinese black and green tea pods will delight tea lovers of all ages, both men & women.